Founded two highly influential digital film showcases, Low Res and DFILM Digital Film Festival

  1. Low Res - started in 1994, Low Res was the first major showcase of digital filmmaking. Launched one of the first (if not the first) sites to show movies on the web. Screened first works by upcoming filmmakers like Sofia Coppola, Spike Jonze and more.

  2. In 1997, Low Res split into two festivals, DFILM and Resfest.

  3. DFILM - two 30-city worldwide tours, 3 continents. Sponsors included Apple, Macromedia, Stanford University, Universal, SKYY and more.

  4. As predicted by the festival, digital filmmaking - from desktop editing to computer animation to digital cameras and projectors - has become ubiquitous.

Press Quotes

"Truly radical; what independent cinema ceased to be once it allied itself with the major studios." - El Nuevo Dia, Puerto Rico

"The core of D.FILM's mission is inspiration and empowerment" - Lisa Napoli, The New York Times

"(D.FILM's) films push the boundaries of what can be created on computers" - Roger Ebert "

"The computer has made us all publishers and broadcasters, so why not filmmakers? As this traveling festival shows, the technology is out there, and it's growing higher in quality and lower in cost every day" - Taylor Holiday, The Wall Street Journal

"Now Hollywood comes in a box, allowing even one person the ability to shoot, edit and distribute their own film." - USA Today

"One of five ideas that will change your life" - San Francisco Magazine

"A benchmark event - the work in the festival clearly confirmed that digital media has an exciting future" - AfterImage Film Journal

Select Screenings

Digital Silverlake - Special screenings held on the basketball court of the Beastie Boys’ old Los Angeles recording studios.

Berlin - Screening held in the auditorium of the former Communist Youth Party headquarters in East Berlin.

Paramour Los Angeles - Outdoor screening held on the grounds of what was originally built as a silent movie star’s opulent estate in the Hollywood Hills.

Boston - Screening in the historic Brattle Theater - birthplace of Janus Film Distribution which brought filmmakers like Godard, Truffaut, Fellini, Bergman, etc to US audiences for the first time.

New York -  The Kitchen - one of the largest events in its history.

Rotterdam, Cannes and Berlin Film Festivals - official events


Short clip from a sold out DFILM show in Seattle.